There are various types of machines, from the old machines that have been modified to be original to the new machines that have been introduced to meet the needs of the times.
They are the life for Kojima Orimono Co., Ltd. to live as an integrated production manufacturer.

  • Combining yarn machine/24 weights

    We stock a variety of materials, colors and original yarns, which can be combined to create yarns with a new face(design).

  • Warping machine/ 4 units

    We have one "full warping machine" that warps the entire width at once and three "partial warping machines" that warp in parts, allowing us to use different materials for warp threads and to handle small-lot production and prototypes.

  • Loom/ 36 units

    We weave a variety of cloths by using various types of automatic looms (26 Tsudakoma air jet looms, 8 Tsudakoma rapiers, and 2 Sulzer band rapiers), from fine to thick paper yarns, jute, etc., and from plain weave to dobby weave.

  • Inspection and Mending machine/ 6 units

    All woven cloths are inspected by human eyes. Knots or other unnecessary items are removed, and broken threads are re-stitched or repaired.

  • Lining machine/ 3 units

    Laminates various fabrics and backing paper without wrinkles or distortion. Lamination of vinyl and fabrics other than Fusuma paper and wallcovering is also possible.

  • Surface coating machine/ 2 units

    This machine applies anti-sticking, fireproofing, water repellency, and museum finishings, and applies colored glue and lame.

  • Dryer/10 units

    Drying is performed after lining and surface coating.

  • Slitter/rewinder/2 units

    Cut both sides of the product and finish it to the width suitable for the application. For wallcovering, it is possible to produce narrow width products for DIY use by cutting in half, as well as products for overseas butt-attachment specifications.

  • Automatic length-measuring and cutting machine/6 units

    All products are subject to final inspection by human eyes and are cut to the desired length.

  • Automated warehouse

    Products are stocked and managed in a computerized automatic warehouse, enabling shipment of only the necessary amount of products when needed.

  • Large format digital printer/1 unit

    Non-repeat patterns can be printed using Illustrator/Photoshop software. It is suitable for woven fabrics because of its high friability and low ink odor.

  • Simulation system for woven

    By scanning various yarns, it is possible to simulate the number of times the warp and weft yarns are cast, color change, structure, etc. It can also be inserted into a photograph of the space to create a construction forecast.

Others 2 once-through boilers, 1 high-speed rotary press, 1 roll textile printing machine, 1 rotary textile printing machine