About us

Kizugawa City in Kyoto Prefecture has prospered since long ago as a key transportation hub connecting Kyoto and Nara and has a rich heritage for its woven fabrics.

In the city where these woven fabrics were born, we manufacture woven wallcovering and Fusuma paper through a fully integrated production system whereby natural materials such as hemp, cotton, and rayon yarns derived from wood, are transformed into finished products.
We use a high-speed air-jet loom to shorten production lead times and electronic equipment to improve our quality control throughout the entire process from incoming inspection of raw materials, interim inspection, and final inspection.
We are committed to delivering superb quality to the whole country.

Strong point

Integrated production

There are only a few companies in Japan that are able to provide integrated production from yarn making to weaving and finished product in the textile and interior industry, where there is a lot of division of labor.
That is why we are able to improve our quality responsibly.
In addition, we always carry our various raw materials in stock, which in turn enables us to shorten the lead time, lower the cost, and make customized small-lot products.

Original design

At Kojima Orimono, we design Fusuma paper and wallcovering from scratch. We start from "yarn design" by selecting yarn material, thickness and shape, dye, design of the warp yarn, and weave in combination with various weft yarns on a weaving machine. After that, we laminate yarns with paper of various colors and patterns, and then provide surface treatment to create a new look.
We have inherited and developed a tradition of about 100 years, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to create new designs that meet the needs of our customers from around the world, based on our accumulated knowledge and skills.

Top market share

We have the largest market share in Japan for both woven Fusuma paper and woven wallcovering. Over the years we have responded to the needs of our domestic and international clients by providing high quality, short lead times and low-cost woven products which optimize use of natural materials. This is the result of your continued love and support for our products, and our longstanding commitment to be "earth-friendly" and "people-friendly”. We will continue to be a company that makes products loved both at home and abroad.


Kojima’s Orimono(Woven Fabrics) to the World from Kizugawa City, Kyoto
We aim to be a company that continues to be trusted by our customers, and each and every one of our employees strives to improve productivity and products.
We are committed to providing awesome products planned and manufactured in-house and promoting them to end users at home and abroad through sample books and websites.